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Two-Wheel Hand Trucks
  • Magliner extrusions are made from aircraft aluminum alloy tempered for high strength and optimum ductility manufactured to Aluminum Association Standards

  • Magliner steel components are high carbon content plated to premium grade condition of ASTM specification

  • Magliner wheels include a proprietary sealed bearing with lifetime lubrication. All wheels incorporate tread compounds designed for durability and high coefficient of friction to provide long life and easy rolling

  • Ergonomically designed hand grip developed with input from NIOSH

  • All two-wheel hand trucks can be personalized to deter theft and promote company

Convertible Trucks
  • 38”, 51” and 54” bed lengths and capacities up to 1,250 pounds

  • Stronger, simpler locking activation mechanism

  • Heavier extruded cross-section adds exceptional strength and impact resistance

  • Multiple tread types and optional brakes make loading and delivery convenient and safe

  • Stampings reduce maintenance and lower cost of ownership

Valley Craft

Weight 50 lbs

Load Capacity 1000 lbs

4 Wheel Aluminum Frame Drum Truck Standard Chime

Features Valley Craft’s exclusive EZY-Tilt™ design and spring-loaded chime hooks.

EZY-Rol™ 4-Wheel Automatic Drum Trucks are available in steel or spark resistant aluminum, and are designed for safe and easy handling of steel, fiber and plastic 30- and 55-gallon drums. These drum trucks feature Valley Craft’s exclusive EZY-Tilt™ design and spring-loaded chime hook so the operator never has to touch the drum. Drum trucks feature adjustable shoes that adjust for 30- and 55-gal. drums up to 1000 lbs. Available with optional hand brakes for added safety. Replaceable wheels, shoes and axles available. Five chime hook and three wheel options available.


Width 20 in Height 49 in

Load Capacity 600 lbs

Standard Tire Type 12" x 3 1/2" Pneumatic

Aluminum Frame Cylinder Truck with Hand Brake (for 9"” Diameter Cylinders)

Great for safe and efficient handling of pressurized tanks. Valley Craft's Spark-Resistant Aluminum Cylinder Trucks are the answer to safe and efficient handling of pressurized tanks.

Choose the heavy-duty single cylinder truck frame for cylinders 9” in diameter, or the multi-tank cylinder truck frame that fits over the regular box frame for use with most standard size cylinders. Balanced frames roll easily on 12” x 3½”, fully-pneumatic tires and feature hand brakes for added safety. Multitank frame is available with and without brakes. 1” steel axle is enclosed in protective housing with sealed bearings. Trucks are constructed of 1-5/16” O.D. aluminum tubing with notched joints and solid welds. 600-lb. capacity.

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