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About Polda Trading Co.

POLDA was established since 1974. Also known as 'Coma Chow Company'. Over this period, POLDA has gained an excellent reputation in both the Loader Crane business and the Material Handling Equipment field.

Hydraulic loader crane:

In recent years, POLDA has proudly awarded the exclusive distributorship agreement in Hong Kong with HMF', the Danish made loader crane and accessories, who has been working for truck mounted loader crane business since 1950 and is now one of the top three manufacturer in the world.


POLDA has been very hard at work for loader crane field for more than 40 years. Business includes:

- Selling both brand new and used loader cranes from Europe

- Buy in used cranes from Europe and trade in used cranes from local users

- Expert advice in selecting cranes for different task

- Supplying spare parts and accessories of all loader cranes in different brand names from Europe

- Installation, maintenance and service of the cranes to proper working condition

Material Handling Equipment:

In addition to the above crane business, POLDA has been working with 'Magliner' U.S.A. made aluminum hand trucks and 'ValleyCraft' U.S.A. made aluminum drum handling equipment as an sole distributor in Hong Kong for more than 20 years.


This proven experience aids us in getting as a 'problem solver'in both the transportation and logistics field.

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