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Below are the stock list of Polda, for pricing and more details, please feel free to contact us

New Cranes
Used Cranes

Bonfiglioli 10200L/4S 5 tons 12m manual control 1992

Bonfiglioli 24000TL/3S 12 tons 10.5m manual control 1992

Fassi F140.22 7 ton 7.2m manual control 2000

Fassi F140.23 7 tons 10.5m manual control 1999

HMF 1220-K2 6 tons 6.8m manual control 2000

HMF 2750K3 14 tons 10.5m+ 2m manual control 4 stabilizers 1994

Loglift F165Z/1S 8.5 tons 8m top control (B4) 1999

Palfinger PK13500B 6.5tons 10.2m 1990

Palfinger PK66000D + PJ154C + w+4 stabilizers+radio control 33 tons 22m 2001

Toyota 7FDA50 3.7m diesel auto s.s. 2005

Tirre 170/4S 8.5 tons 12.4m manual control 1992

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